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About us:-

 Our Society was formed in 2008 after many years wondering

how to promote the music and history of Eric Coates.

 At the invitation of Ashfield District Council Heritage officer Denis Hill and Hucknall Tourism and Regeneration Group, a meeting was arranged to take place at the Watnall  Road Community Hall in Hucknall on Wednesday 27th February 2008.

The Hall was previously  St.Peters Church and stands next door to where Eric Coates was born on August the 27th 1886.

The Eric Coates Society is promoting his  music and history and we welcome any one who shares our enthusiasm.


Meetings and concerts

We hold meetings at the John Godber Centre, Ogle Street,

Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 7FQ

Please use the ground floor entrance.

Throughout the year, please contact us for current dates.

We have also hold a  concert each year in Hucknall around October at the Central Methodist Church, Baker Street in Hucknall,  NG15 7AS which are very well attended and  usually a sell out.

Our aim is to promote the Music and History of Eric Coates so we invite performers to

play some of his music and some of there own choosing to balance the programme.

Past performers include:-Nottinghamshire Police Band,The Boots Orchestra, Nottingham Concert Band, Local Brass Bands and choirs and even the local Holgate Academy provided some ballet dancers to perform to some of Coates music.

How can we forget the piano performance of Haruko Seki, and the performance by Laura Roberts and Michael Neaum of three previously unpublished songs by Eric Coates.

Guy Rowlands and (the now late) Peter Dempsey wowed us with their rendition of Coates’ songs and Bob Reed gave us a refreshing example of modern swing numbers.

Please see the  past programmes on the home page for more details.

The first meeting at which the Eric Coates Society was formed in 2008




January       15th

March          25th cancelled

May            20th   cancelled

JULY            22nd                 

September   15th        

September  Saturday 26th           Concert              

 November    25th

Meetings  2 pm start

All Wednesdays.

At The John Godber Centre.

Latest news

An ongoing project to investigate the feasibility of commissioning a statue of Eric Coates to be erected here in Hucknall is still in mind.

With the recent statue in Kirkby in Ashfield,Nottinghamshire, representing local cricket personalities being unveiled,we wondered if there is a possibility of having our own

‘King of Light Music’  Statue or Bust made.

The sculptor who worked on the Kirkby Bronze is called David Annand.

Follow the link to look at some of his work.

Let us know your thoughts through the  contact us  page.

 David Annand  ©

  Alternative sculptor

 Another suggestion is to ask the sculptor Graham Ibbeson to consider  a Statue or Bust.

 Graham will be remembered for the Miners Statue on Station Road.

 Follow the link to see some of Graham’s work.

 Let us know your thoughts through the  contact us  page.

Graham Ibbeson’s  ©

Miners Statue

  Alternative sculptor

 Another suggestion is to ask the sculptor Neale Andrew to consider a  Statue or Bust.

 Neale  is known for his bronze at Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts.  

 Of Harold Larwood.

 Follow the link to see some more of his work.

Let us know your thoughts through the  contact us  page.

Harold Larwood by Neale  Andrew  ©

In Kirkby

2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Eric Coates Death,

and also the 20th anniversary of his son Austin’s Death.

This memorial is at Golders Green Cemetery, London